Cylinder Boring Milling Machine BM200

BM200 Cylinder Boring-Milling Machine

The Vertical Fine Boring – Milling Machine BM200 has combined all functions and simple 
performance of the traditional Cylinder Boring Machine with the easy-to-operate SJMC EasyTouch control 

system. Through the joint operation of the standard mechanical handwheel and the electronic handwheel, 

the boring of the cylinder body and the machining of the   milling plane can be easily accomplished. With 

the excellent EasyTouch system, even a   new hand can easily learn to operate the machine. BM200 is 

especially suitable for precision work of engine refitted : boring , milling , stepped hole machining , groove 

machining guarantee the high consistency of all processing




Control System

EasyTouch 3 Axis


Boring Capacity

200 mm

Max. Boring Depth

350 mm

Max. Milling Area ( L×W )

300×900 mm

Without Milling

Spindle Speed

50 ~ 1000 rpm  stepless

Spindle Feeding

10 ~ 900 mm / min0.01 ~ 0.2 mm / r  

Rated Torque of Boring at 50-500 rpm

58 N.M

Rated Torque of Boring at 500-1000 rpm

22 N.M.

Spindle Traverse

600 mm

Distance Between Spindle End Face and Work   Table

0 ~ 700 mm

Distance between Spindle Axis and Carriage   Vertical Plane

380 mm

Longitudinal Feeding of Work Table by Electric  

30 ~ 1200 mm / min

Hand Movement

Longitudinal Quick Travel of Work Table   by Electric

1200 mm / min

Hand Movement

Longitudinal Traverse of Work Table

1200 mm

Cross Traverse of Work Table

100 mm

Work Table Size  ( L×W )

400×1350 mm

Boring Accuracy


Roundness for Boring

0.005 mm

Working Accuracy

Cylindricity for Boring

0.015 mm / 300 mm

Flatness for Milling

0.0127 mm / 305 mm

Without Milling

Surface Roughness


Ra 0.8


Ra 0.8

Without Milling

Power of Spindle Motor

2 kW

Motor Power of Work Table Movement

0.4 kW

Hand Movement

Motor Power of Spindle Vertical Movement

0.4 kW

Overall dimensions ( L×W×H )

1870×1600×2000 mm

Package Size

2200×1450×2250 mm


1900 Kg


2300 Kg

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